Want to try an alternative to AdWords?

Bing Ads – complementary traffic, lower CPCs, rapidly increasing market share!

MVLA Digital are Bing Ads accredited professionals – give us a call if you’re interested in getting started, complementing or replacing existing PPC traffic – we are seeing some really great results with Bing Ads, especially in hyper-competitive industries. It’s not uncommon to see conversion costs decreasing by 50%+ vs similar AdWords campaigns.

Bing Ads VS Google AdWords Side By Side Comparison – October 2016

An UNBELIEVABLE 1683% increase in profit… Conversion rate increased by 387%…

We manage the PPC efforts for a client who spends in excess of $20,000 a month on his digital marketing efforts.

We’ve optimised his AdWords campaign for a great ROI despite serious competition, and over the last 6 months we’ve been running a Bing PPC campaign to ensure he’s not missing out on any sales and to see how the two PPC behemoths stack up in the Australian market.

The results were staggering…

Google AdWords

Last 30 Days
Avg CPC $1.78
Converted Clicks 384
Cost per Lead $24.06
Cost $9,243.51

Bing Ads – 5.6 times cheaper!

Last 30 Days
Avg CPC $0.41
Converted Clicks 216
Cost per Lead $4.29
Cost $929.40

What’s different about Bing Ads PPC?

  •    As of October 2013, the Yahoo!/Bing network has 29% market share in the USA and it’s been growing steadily for the last few years. Although there’s less data available about the Australian market, it’s safe to assume it’s also growing quickly.
  •    Bing Ads was launched in Australia in July 2013 and we’ve already run scores of successful campaigns.
  •    We’re able to directly import your AdWords campaigns into Bing, so if you have an existing account it’s fast and simple to get started.
  •    Bing headlines allow 40 characters rather than 25 for AdWords.
  •    3.5million Bing users don’t search on Google at all, so it’s an excellent complement to your existing traffic. (Source)
  •    Advertisers pay an average 117% more per click on AdWords than on Bing Ads.(Source)
  •    It’s still improving…AdWords is almost 15 years old and progress is slowing. Bing is in a unique position to differentiate themselves and now’s a great time to get on board.
  •    Bing Ads reaches up to 5.5million unique searchers in Australia, representing 112.5 million monthly searches. If you’re in a competitive field, some of your competitors will already be on there. Don’t let them reap all the benefits while you’re still paying ‘AdWords prices’ for your keywords! (Source)

In most cases, we recommend Bing Ads as a complement to an existing AdWords campaign – depending on your business. For example, industries such as financial services have a very wide reach on Bing (source). Some SMBs who reach their ad budget every month might find Bing more profitable and eventually allocate the majority of their spend accordingly.

Our Bing PPC campaigns are underpinned by the MVLA Digital online marketing ethos – gaining an ROI on your investment.

We’re always excited to talk to anyone about alternatives to the ‘norm’ – we’ve also run campaigns on 7Search, Infolinks, Adsmonster, and many others.
Contact Us today to schedule a free examination, no matter whether you’re thinking about starting or already have a campaign. We’re here to help you achieve an iteratively more profitable, carefully orchestrated, positive ROI Bing PPC campaign.