Manage your website in-house! Full Training available.

If you’re currently running a website developed in WordPress, want one created from scratch, or have a design you want integrated, we can help.

The team at MVLA Digital have over 10 years’ experience in this CMS – we’ve watched it grow over the past decade and are confident it is the best platform for SME’s wanting to manage their web presence in-house, without any hassle or confusing code.

WordPress Web Design

Do you need a modern, fast, mobile-friendly, highly converting and secure website built using the highly flexible and well supported WordPress CMS?

We’re based in Brisbane and have 10+ years’ experience in customising and maximising output from this system.

No matter what functionality you want from your website - be it e-commerce, a membership site, lead generation, or simply a site ready for SEO and Google AdWords, we can help.

Using our wealth of experience, superfast and secure Australian based servers and with hundreds of successful WordPress sites already developed, MVLA Digital can help.

Convert your site to WordPress

Have you got a current website you would like to benefit from the stability, speed, ease of use, and flexibility of Wordpress? We’re able to help you turn a static HTML into Wordpress, PSD into Wordpress, or we can even help you migrate your content (including blog posts, news, users, videos, social media links etc.) from an existing CMS like Drupal or Joomla.

If you’d like to turn a design into a Wordpress site, we are happy to work with your designer for a hassle-free, streamlined process which will culminate in a brand new Wordpress website, ready to make money for your business.

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Blog/News SEO Setup and Design

If you’re looking to use your new Wordpress site to drive SEO traffic, then you’re in luck – the blog functionality included in Wordpress is fully customisable, can work with multiple authors, categories, and is as easy to use as Microsoft Word. We can work with you to set this up exactly how you’d like it – with any social shares, relevant pictures/videos, commenting ability, backlinks to other services you want to offer, and so on.

Consistent sites updates are very important for SEO, and this is the easiest way to keep adding content to your site. MVLA Digital are able to help you from A to Z here – from linking with an existing SEO strategy or coming up with one from scratch.

Newsletter Integration

Email marketing remains one of the most underutilised tools in an online business’ arsenal. We all know how hard it is to get in front of new customers from scratch – why not ensure you are making the most out of the leads you already have? We can help you with:

  • Newsletter signup integration onto your website.
  • List building/nurturing
  • Setup and full integration using services such as iContact, Mailchimp, SalesForce, InfusionSoft, and much more.
  • Creation and optimisation of automated marketing plans.
  • Get valuable feedback and reviews from automated emails to happy clients!
  • List import, cleaning and maintenance.

Some Sites We've Done

Wordpress Custom Development - Experienced Brisbane Developers

The beauty of WordPress is that we’re able to customise it however you want. It’s a powerful building block we can use to get the ‘skeleton’ of the website up with a minimum of fuss. But from there, we’re able to link to existing services you have such as CRMs, Newsletter software, e-commerce, blogs, social media links, and so on.

If you need something a little bit more specific than a standard Wordpress install but would still like to enjoy its simplicity and flexibility please give us a call on 07 3891 1575 or fill in this form and we’ll be in touch.

Wordpress Ecommerce

Interested in selling online? Whether you have a physical product or something digital like an ebook or software, we can help create a solution for you.

A Wordpress E-Commerce site with MVLA Digital includes:

  • Full process management - from planning, to testing, to your first paying customer!
  • Secure sites - SSL Certificates Installed.
  • Safely Link to your payment processor of choice.
  • Backups and Security are of utmost importance for eCommerce sites as you’re dealing with personal and financial data – we can help run you through the choices and implement a robust solution to keep your data, and your clients’ data, safe and sound.
  • Integration with shipping APIs from Australia Post to couriers – including weight, dimensions, express options, and so on.
  • Coupon codes, membership, loyalty discounts.

Wordpress Membership

WordPress is also a great platform to set up a membership site. If you’re interested in putting content (documents, videos, special offers and so on) behind a paywall or only for people who have given you their email address, we can help.

Some of the membership options we can help with:

  • Multiple levels (e.g. gold/silver/bronze – with different roles and permissions)
  • Fully automated, hands-free sign up (paid or unpaid).
  • Creation and administration of customised forums/messageboards for your users.
  • Integration with external services so your users can enjoy an ‘all in one’ experience – for example we can link with an existing newsletter list, files on Dropbox or, even another website on a different server!)
  • Running a successful membership site can be a difficult task if you haven’t set your workflow up correctly – we have a lot of experience in creating sites like this and can help you ensure you’re on the right path with regards to setting up and maintaining yours.

Wordpress Maintenance - Keep Your Site Updated & Secure

A website is a lot like a house – you need to mow the lawn, clear the gutters, and, if you’re away, remember to move the newspapers from the front lawn – otherwise you may find yourself with some unwelcome visitors. Neglecting to do this can lead to sites being hacked, sites breaking, or data being compromised.

Keeping your website upgraded regularly updated is also an important part of SEO – Google’s a lot more interested in showing searchers your site if it’s current and up-to-date – a site that hasn’t been touched since 2014 is going to rank a lot worse than something Google can see you’re on top of.

We can also help resurrect old sites that haven’t been updated for years – getting them to the latest version and ensuring all functionality remains intact. We work with full backups of the site at all times so your data is never compromised and we’ll create the ‘new’ site on a backup server so you won’t see any downtime.

It’s always a temptation to forget about a website after you’ve gone through the process of getting one up – but this will end up hurting in the long run. Regularly maintenance and updates are a must if you want a highly ranking, well converting, secure website.

Wordpress Security

WordPress is the most popular Content Management System in the world. According to W3Techs 26.1% of all sites on the Internet are on WordPress – this also represents 59.2% of all CMS users. This means there’s a massive amount of support and you’ll never be stuck with a site coded in some archaic language which is painful and complicated to update.

The flipside of this is it is that Wordpress becomes a prime target for hackers: websites that aren’t up to date, have cheap/low quality hosting, or simply haven’t paid attention to their security can find themselves in the middle of a data breach, having their website taken down, or having personal information stolen.

We work with a full stack of security options attached to WordPress which include:

  • SSL Certificate installation (mandatory for e-commerce sites).
  • Cloudflare / Content Distribution Network (CDN) setup and DDOS protection.
  • Regular Updates.
  • Regular Security Audits.
  • Hosting on our secure, ultrafast Australian server.
  • Rewrite login/admin pages so they are protected from automated attacks.
  • Spam comment protection.
  • Block countries/regions from accessing/using your site.
  • And much more! We’ll customise security settings based on the specific software your site deploys and your personal needs.

Wordpress Auto Backups

Even with a CMS as mature and well developed as WordPress errors can still occur. Servers die, hard drives break, bugs creep into a website, a plugin/core update breaks some existing functionality, and so on.

The most important thing in these situations is to get the website back up as quickly as possible, with a minimum of data loss. That’s why we offer a full suite of automatic backup options – daily rolling backups, automatic backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, email, a separate FTP, physical backups – whatever your requirements are.

This is something you hope to never have to use, but not having a robust backup solution is asking for a major headache.

We can set your website up with a fully redundant, 100% foolproof backup system so you won’t have to worry about losing anything again. No matter whether you already have a website or you want us to build one from scratch, we’ll ensure your data (and your customers’ data) is totally secure.

WordPress Training and Documentation - Update and Manage Your Site In-house

Wordpress is, in most cases, easily updatable in-house – so you don’t have to pay expensive fees (not to mention wait) for an external company or developer to help you change prices, offerings, etc.

MVLA Digital has a wealth of experience producing customised documents for companies looking to move their website management in-house. We can provide one-on-one training in person, via phone, or remotely via screenshare.

Depending on what functionality you have/need on your site, we can be as detailed or simple as you require. If you simply want to change text on pages like prices etc., make updates, post news, add pictures/videos etc., we can help start you off on the right foot and provide clear documentation so your website updates don’t hinge on one person. For simple tasks like this Wordpress is as easy to edit as Microsoft Word.

Workflow optimisation is another area we have significant experience in – we’ll be able to show you how to manage tasks on your website (and externally - such as social media dissemination via Wordpress) – to make sure it’s done quickly, correctly, and with a minimum of fuss.

Simply give us a call or fill out the form above to get some fast information about how we can have your website live in 12 weeks or less, for a great price!

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