If you’re not using email marketing as a lynchpin of your sales and retention strategy, you’re doing it wrong…

Have you been in business for over a year? Do you have access to your customers’ email addresses? Are you in follow-up contact with them? Do you give them a heads-up when you have a new special or product?

Email marketing software is very advanced and can be automated to an extremely high degree – for a simple example, you may offer a service that needs to be undertaken regularly (like an oil change for your car). We can create a campaign to email the client a few days after the service and make sure everything was completed to their satisfaction, and then email 12 months later reminding them it’s that time again (offering a small discount or incentive generally works very well).

What are some reasons to email my list?

  1.   ‘Nurturing’ your list – this ‘newsletter’ broadcast style serves to enhance your relationship with your list. If your list is built around potential property investors – you could write an article about the metrics behind successful investments. These are fundamental to most email marketing campaigns – you need to curate your list, build trust, and start a conversation about the product before you try to sell anything.
  2.   Selling to your list – do you have a great offer? A new product? Has something changed in the market? At the top (or bottom) of your peak season? Sending email messages with this ‘special information’ and offering subscribers a special deal is a highly effective method of increasing sales. Ensure you split test headlines, body copy, colour, time of broadcast (at the very least), so you can learn what works and utilise it for the next message.
  3.   Affiliate/Cross-Promotion – if you still have the property investor list – you might find another company with a complementary service, like pest and building inspections or mortgage broking. It’s possible to create a special link so these affiliates can tell how many people visited their website because of the email, and what the sales results are. This is an excellent way to build trust in your list (as long as the product is good) and make business connections that may be interested in doing the same for you.

Is email marketing still effective?

The US Interactive Marketing Forecast estimates that the USA alone spent US $1.51 billion on email marketing in 2011 – this is projected to grow to $2.468 billion in 2016.

The most important thing to consider is the product you’re marketing, and the list you’ve built. It’s a bad idea to send them an email every day, or to cross-promote an irrelevant product. If in doubt, send the mail to a small number of people in your list or split test different content. We’ve worked with many lists that have a very large amount of subscribers, but the lists have been ‘rented’ and swapped around so many times they are a little dog eared. If you’re offering quality content and genuine offers on your products, you will gain your customers’ trust and reap the rewards.

Can MVLA Digital help me?

We offer email marketing as part of our consulting plans, or we’re happy to help you out with your campaign separately.

Want to learn more about email marketing? Do you already have a list which you’re not utilising? Do you want to build a list? Contact MVLA Digital to have a chat with one of our experienced marketers to see if email marketing is the right fit for your business.