Google AdWords Brisbane – More traffic, leads and sales for less spend.

Google certified account managers – over 10 years experience

Google AdWords is almost 15 years old and the days of paying peanuts for traffic are long gone. There is strong competition in most sectors and you need a Google qualified professional to ensure you’re getting maximum ROI for your Google AdWords campaign.

There are many things to take into account when deciding if an AdWords campaign will be right for you – with a vast amount of experience the friendly team at MVLA Digital would be happy to help!

How are MVLA Digital different?

  •    We don’t charge money to change campaigns, add keywords or remove keywords.
  •    We have no lock-in contracts.
  •    We’ll work with you to create a targeted campaign with focus on your business goals.
  •    We’ll create customised ads based on our experience and our knowledge of your products and offers.
  •    We’ll constantly test ads, keywords, and landing pages against each other to ensure you have the best performing copy running.
  •    We’re 100% focused on ROI. It’s as simple as that.
  • AdWords Case Study #1:

    Compared to the same 3-month period, MVLA Digital increased AdWords profit by 148.63%leading to $80,516.65 more profit for our client!

What does my AdWords campaign include?

You’ll receive a monthly report on your campaign where we’ll highlight what’s working, what’s not, and, more importantly, what we’re doing to get you better results and start (or keep) moving the figures into the right direction. Whilst a lot of it can be automated, AdWords is not a ‘set-and-forget’ system – as with everything, you’ll get the best results with consistent, systematic optimisation.

If you aren’t looking at the campaigns at least weekly, adding negative keywords, split-testing ad copy, adjusting ad bids (and we don’t mean the automated systems that many providers use) then you’re doing it wrong, and you’re gifting money to Google (they already make $30m per day!)

An AdWords campaign is fully measurable – you’ll be able to see if your cost per lead/conversion is following your projected trajectory, perform a cost-benefit analysis and act accordingly.

Secondly, you’ll have a wealth of information about the key phrases that your website is directly targeting. A 12 week AdWords campaign will give you access to invaluable keyword data for those that want to run AdWords in conjunction with SEO.

Our advanced optimisation techniques will help your campaign get results, not just clicks:

  • Increased ROI – if you could buy a dollar for $0.80, you’d buy as many dollars as possible. Our goal is to get your campaign to that point.
  • Less spend – we’ll thoroughly investigate your account and ensure you’re not paying for clicks from vague, unrelated or research-motivated search terms.
  • Less ‘tyre kickers’ – purchase ready visitors, rather than your campaign paying Google for others’ research.
  • More sales and leads – we’re 100% focused on the bottom line.
  • A lower CPC (cost per click) – leverage your metrics against your competitors; the majority of them won’t be using our advanced tactics.
  • Clear and detailed metrics – we send through comprehensive monthly or weekly reports, depending on your needs – you’ll know exactly where you stand, at all times.
  • Qualified, Experienced, Proven campaign managers – your dedicated AdWords account manager will be Google Qualified and have a wealth of AdWords experience in many diverse fields.

What if I have an existing campaign?

Have you been managing AdWords yourself, or received sub-par results from another provider? We are able to help. The fact that you have existing data means we’ll be able to get better results in a faster time frame. We’ll go through the existing ads and data with a fine tooth comb to trim the ‘waste’ (often there are many unqualified searches slipping through and you’re paying for every click) and we’ll leverage what works.

Contact us to discuss a free consultation where we’ll go through your existing account and explain our AdWords methodology which will turn your campaign into an automated sales machine.

  • AdWords Case Study #2:

    Tasked with repairing a big, expensive campaign that wasn’t performing as required, we rewrote the entire account. Within 31 days, MVLA Digital improved the AdWords performance dramatically:

    •    42.23% increase in conversions
    •    37.05% increase in conversion rate
    •    38.45% increase in transactions
    •    37.05% increase in ecommerce conversion rate
    •    36.66% increase in revenue
    •    12.73% decrease in cost
    •    70.91% increase in ROI
    •    $20,118.31 more profit than the previous month.

Contact Us today to schedule a free examination, no matter whether you’re thinking about starting or already have a campaign. We’re here to help you achieve an iteratively more profitable, carefully orchestrated positive ROI AdWords campaign.