What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media Marketing refers to the creation and ongoing management of online presences on websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Google+, YouTube, or a blog.

The proliferation of smart phone/tablet usage, the gigantic boom of users signing up to Social Media sites, and the low cost of entry mean that this is a very profitable (and cost-effective) method of marketing your business online.

What will work for my business?

This really depends on what sort of product/service you offer. Would people be interested in spreading their enjoyment of your brand to their social communities? If you market, for example, an acne cream – then probably not.

If you sell high-end surround sound systems or bespoke jewellery, Social Media Marketing can be very useful, and help get your site traffic and sales at a very low cost.

Additionally – what’s the aftermarket service like for your company? Do you sell something that has a variety of uses or can be complex? A Facebook page or a Twitter presence can be really helpful in allowing your customers to talk to you in the public domain. This way others will be able to see that you stand behind your company, and any common problems will be quickly and easily solved, often without your input. You’ll often even find that your customers will help people with problems, saving you work!

It is imperative, however, that you have someone monitoring these sites every day, even if just for a few minutes. There are a multitude of programs that you can set up and include your personal Facebook, Facebook fan page, Twitter site, LinkedIn, and so on – where it can all be managed from one site.

Social Media Marketing with MVLA Digital

We can help your company set up:

  •   Initial setup
  •   Custom display picture
  •   Custom URL
  •   Facebook ‘Mini-site’ with extra pages
  •   Facebook Advertising (PPC)
  •   Pre-loaded content
  •   Content Generation
  •   A ‘Social Media Control Panel’ which links all your accounts together

We can also help with strategy/best practice implementation/disaster recovery through Social Media. We’ll help you write blog articles. We’ll set up your blog. We’ll market your YouTube videos. If you want help getting online exposure via social media channels, talk to us!

To learn more about our Social Media offerings, whether as part of a package or individually, contact us for a Free Consultation and we’ll be in touch.