MVLA Digital is a full-service online marketing agency based in Brisbane, Australia. We work with you to build a website and online marketing platform focused on driving more visitors and more sales at less cost.

Whether you have an existing website, or you would like one created from scratch and designed specifically to make more sales at lower (and more accountable) marketing costs, MVLA Digital can help you. In our experience, the businesses that succeed on the Internet do so through iterations of testing, learning, testing, learning, and testing again. It is this in-depth process that has allowed us to achieve significant gains for many of our satisfied clients.

The beauty of marketing on the Internet is that you, the business owner, can track every visitor – you can see how they arrived at your site, how long they stayed, what they looked at (and for how long), and even how far through your sales process they got. From this we can discern which pages are most important – what customers are most interested in. On the Internet you’re able to track every step of the sale, from point of entry right until the ‘purchase’ button is clicked. This data, collected and analysed correctly in conjunction with rigorous testing, means that every discovery you make will be a positive one for your business. You can constantly grow, learning what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be able to see exactly where customers are abandoning shopping carts and at what step of your ‘sales funnel’ you’re losing their business.

The sophisticated web analytics tools used by MVLA Digital will track the success of your new pages/strategies down to the last dollar. These tools mean that the days of mailing out 10,000 flyers or advertising in the yellow pages and hoping for a return on investment are well behind us. MVLA Digital will help you track every cent of your online marketing expenditure, bringing in more sales with a lower cost per conversion.

About Mike Apuli – Managing Director of MVLA Digital

Mike is a seasoned Internet Marketing professional, having written his first Google AdWords campaign in 2007. As an AdWords certified individual, Mike has a full understanding of the secrets and strategies of advertising online (AdWords, LinkedIn, Facebook, Bing Ads). He’s managed hundreds of thousands of dollars in Google AdWords spend and most importantly, knows what works and what doesn’t when doing business online.

Mike has a double major in International Business and German from the Queensland University of Technology, attesting to his long-term interest in worldwide commerce and the mechanism of what makes a successful global business actually successful. Since then, he has honed his skills in a number of different industries: with a consistent focus on business development and project management.