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MVLA Digital is a full-service online marketing agency based in Brisbane. We work with you to build a website and online marketing platform focused on driving more visitors and more sales at less cost. Whether you have an existing website or you want to create a new one, MVLA Digital can help. In our experience, the businesses that succeed online do so through iterations of testing, learning, testing, learning, and testing again. This simple process has allowed us to achieve significant marketing results for our satisfied clients.

Mike Apuli Managing Director – MVLA Digital

I am a seasoned digital marketing professional, having coded my first website in 1998 and written my first Google Ads (Formerly Google AdWords) campaign in 2007. After a couple of years in the digital marketing space I launched MVLA Digital in 2011 and greatly enjoy the process of strategising and implementing a successful online marketing strategy for my clients.

I’ve managed millions of dollars in advertising spend and know what works and what doesn’t. More importantly, I know how to measure it.

Over the last 20 years I’ve honed my skills by marketing dozens of industries, with a consistent focus on business development and ROI positive digital marketing.

The beauty of digital marketing is that you can track every visitor – you can see how they arrived at your site, how long they stayed, what they looked at (and for how long), and even how far through your sales process they got. You can constantly grow, learning what works and what doesn’t. You’ll be able to see exactly where customers are abandoning shopping carts and at what step of your ‘sales funnel’ you’re losing their business. Our team have been creating websites together for over 20 years, so we’ve seen a lot of fads come and go. We know what works (and what doesn’t) – and we’d love to help you. Take a look at what some of our happy clients have to say!

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