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Analytics, Optimisation & Support.

There are thousands of ways to help you measure and improve your website performance. Depending on what you want from your site (e.g. leads, sales), we’ll use specific tools and software to help achieve that goal.

By measuring these benchmarks such as conversion rate, landing page experience, bounce rate, time on page, previous visits, and many, many more – we’ll be able to maximise your ROI to create a highly functioning website and marketing campaign which will pay for itself many times over.

Analytics & Optimisation

Google Analytics

Google’s suite of analytic tools are a great way to measure where your site and marketing works, or identify where it’s falling down. This is the ‘command centre’ of your website – where we look at how visitors arrive at the site, how long they stay, which customers buy from you (and which don’t) and where they decided to exit the site. From this data we’re able to make changes to the website and run tests to improve conversion rate.

There’s a gargantuan amount of information available in Google Analytics – the trick is knowing how to parse it so you know which changes will elicit the best results. We help you understand this via our custom-coded client portal, which pulls data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Ads and more – it’s available 24/7 so you and your team are able to see how the website is performing at any point, without having to wait on monthly reports or wade through multiple websites.

We’re also happy to help with Google Analytics training if your team would like to learn more about how it works and how to interpret the data.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

It costs money and time to get qualified leads to your site but too often the website experience is neglected. Even a small increase in conversion rate (e.g. 1%) can have a large effect on the ROI of a campaign, much more so than simply throwing more money at advertising.

Conversion Rate Optimisation refers to iterative and incremental changes on your website, checkout process, and CTA (Call to Action) experience. We use over 15 years of experience in CRO to increase your leads and sales, rather than just paying more money for more visitors. 

A/B Split Testing

The only way to truly test effectiveness is to run split testing on your site. Which headline works better? Which page layout is more effective? A/B testing will help us find out.

You can send people a newsletter where half of them will be driven to one landing page and half to the other, and measure results accordingly. This is a very powerful tool so we can make data-driven decisions rather than relying on ‘gut feel’ or, worse, not testing at all.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a complement to Google Analytics and gives us more detailed and granular information on your website performance – it’s mostly geared towards SEO so you’re able to see which searches you’re ranking for and which searches you need to work on becoming more visible and relevant for.

See Search Engine Optimisation for more information.

Management & Support

Website Maintenance

Websites are like a house – once you buy it, you still need to mow the lawn and keep it clean, or else you might find yourself with undesirables. At best, your site will start to look a bit sad. You might also find your site/email hacked. In short, it’s important that someone is keeping an eye on the site and updating it.

If you need ongoing help with your website, we’re also able to help with on-page and back-end (e.g. plugin, WordPress) updates to keep your site running smoothly – and, if something happens, you’ll have our dedicated and experienced team to help solve any issues that may occur.

We’re also able to setup automated backups for your website/s and database so if anything does go wrong we’re able to roll the site back to a previous version, secure it, and continue as normal. This is especially useful

Google & Facebook Reviews

We manage online reviews for clients via Google My Business, Facebook, Tripadvisor and more. We can help advise on best practise for dealing with those who feel they haven’t had a good experience with your company – a one star review turns into a five star review if you’re able to reply quickly, get in contact with the customer and help them with their issues. Alternatively, if the reviews are malicious or fraudulent we work with the review platforms to get them removed.

We can make reviewing a breeze – setting up links from your website or automated post-purchase emails with links to the relevant review platforms will help increase the amount of customers reviewing your business. They are a ranking factor for SEO, and people make decisions based on user experience and feedback. We can help streamline and systemise this process so you don’t have bad reviews sitting around unresponded to, and anyone who had a good experience feels like their opinion is valued (and they return to do more business with you!). You’ll also learn about parts of your business that could be improved, and the things people love!

Staff training & documentation

Do you have a long time staff member who is the ‘gatekeeper’ of information at your business? What happens if they win the lotto tomorrow and move to Mexico? Our team has a lot of experience in systemising and documenting processes so your team is able to move between employees with a minimum of fuss. We can create employee handbooks, train clients on website updates, and we’re happy to offer an on-call service for anything else you might need. 


Do you have a bunch of tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis, such as downloading stock reports, sending statistical emails, editing a database or Excel file, or so on? We’re able to help automate many tasks and can turn a laborious 2 job into a button click, or even no button clicks!

Database Administration

If you have a database you need managed, edited, updated, migrated, any special queries run or backed up, the MVLA Digital team are here to help. We have a strong understanding of the workings of SQL (the language used to query databases) and would be happy to help with any sort of database queries or management you require.

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