Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) refers to the improvement of your site’s website position in unpaid (organic, or ‘algorithmic’) search results.It’s best used to complement existing traffic streams such as Google AdWords PPC.

Given that the search algorithms are constantly changing, having your traffic streams diversified is vital to running a successful website. MVLA Digital offer a range of SEO options, all of them encompassing our unique, personalised methodology that will ensure you receive targeted, focused traffic – leading to more sales at less cost.

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How-to guide: the 3 pillars of effective SEO in 2017

1. Evaluation and Research

Have a look at the traffic to your site. How is it getting there? What are people typing into Google? Run a search traffic estimator and a competitor analysis for these phrases to find out which has the best leverage between traffic and competition. Decide on three key phrases (for example, ‘Termite Control Brisbane’, ‘Termite Exterminator Brisbane’, and ‘Termite Inspections Brisbane’) and begin optimising!

2. Onpage Optimisation

Create separate pages for your highest ranking phrases. Add them to page titles, descriptions, image alt tags. This has changed a lot in the past few years – there’s no longer any need (in many cases it’s actually detrimental) to ‘stack’ the phrases 20 times on the page. Also, it doesn’t read ‘naturally’ when you have the phrase on your site so much. Keep it behind the scenes, apart from the title and sprinkled throughout the text sporadically.

PRODUCE ORIGINAL CONTENT! Do you have a blog on your site? If you work in pest control, for example, you might notice that a lot of people are searching to find out what a termite nest (phrases: ‘identifying termites’, ‘what does a termite nest look like’ etc.) looks like. Create a high quality post with pictures (if you can, make a video as well!) about what a termite nest looks like. Ensure your website has a bunch of easy options to get in contact and discuss the next steps. Remember: if people are searching for ‘identifying termites’, it’s important that this is the information they find – otherwise people are going to click off your site straight away, contributing to a higher ‘bounce rate’.

A high bounce rate will contribute to lower rankings. Other things to consider include your page loading speed (Use Google’s PageSpeed tool to help you), site uptime, server response time, and frequency of website updates. This is where a blog can come in handy!

3. Backlinks

Remember that blog post we did on identifying termites? This new, original content should be submitted to popular news sites and social bookmarking such as Reddit. Link it through Facebook, Google+, Twitter – find complementary services (such as pest control directories) and offer to ‘guest post’ for them. Don’t use any low quality sites or anything that requires payment.

Google places a LOT of weight on ‘social proof’ – if you’re getting links to your site from quality, relevant websites (it’s nice if they have a high Page Rank but the value of this has decreased in the last 12 months) – Google will move you up higher in their rankings.

There are many options for a business that wants to expand their presence online without spending $2000 a month on advertising – please contact us to discuss what we can do for your company.

On ‘Guaranteed Results’

 There is no industry with more ‘experts’ than online marketing. No doubt you’ve had a look at some other businesses and their options.

One thing to notice is the recent influx of ‘guaranteed results’ based plans.

SEO results can be quite hard to quantify (they vary depending on location, if you’re signed in, past searches etc.) and certainly the #1 metric is your position in the search results.

MVLA Digital do not offer guaranteed results. Here’s why.

In the SEO industry, there are many factors that are constantly changing – these factors will affect your site’s search rankings and subsequently your results.

  •    Google change their search algorithm, (Google make, on average, a change to their search algorithm once every 17.5 hours)
  •    Making changes to your website to keep it current. This needs to be done correctly and URLs need to be maintained or given a 301 redirection so Google knows what’s going on.
  •    Dead links to/from your site.
  •    Your competitors will be making changes to their websites.
  •    You may be adding/changing sites that link to your page.
  •    The market may change (is there a new termite control product? Maybe everyone’s searching for that now).

It’s easy to get ranked number one for SEO for a phrase nobody is using or a really long sentence. Would you rather have 100% of 50 visits, or 20% of 5,000 visits? The trick is to balance traffic against competition to find the ‘pressure point’ that will garner the most sales.

That’s where MVLA Digital comes in.

What Does It Cost?

 SEO is different for every industry. Beware of companies that will start up a ‘link building’ campaign which generally involves outsourced work and low quality submissions to low quality sites. This can hurt your rankings when Google figures out what you’re doing.

For that reason, we don’t have ‘one size fits all’ prices – these often indicate a ‘one size fits all’ approach which doesn’t work very well for SEO. We’ll carefully research your competitors and the marketplace and provide you with a customised quote. SEO can be part of one of our Internet Marketing packages, or you can choose to engage us just for SEO.

A customised quote doesn’t mean you’re going to blow your whole advertising budget, though. Our prices are very reasonable and you’re able to continue month by month if you are happy with the results. We don’t lock you in to ridiculous contracts and send you an automatically generated report every month. We don’t work with unscrupulous third parties that create worthless backlinks.

We DO use our considerable expertise to provide you with a rock-solid SEO foundation, and we’re able to run with the punches. Things change, all the time. And we’ll be here, formulating new strategies. ‘Set and forget’ on the internet very rarely works – you need an ongoing plan to succeed.